Exhibition Made in Lithuania 2019 – The Taste of Lithuanian Food Innovation!

Exhibition Made in Lithuania at Kaunas Zalgiris Arena on 11-13 October attracted more than 32.470 visitors this year!

The goal of the exhibition that has remained popular for the last 11 years is to present products and services created in Lithuania, encourage the consumption of Lithuanian products, and strengthen the communication between the country’s producers and the service and equipment providers they rely on.

What is a taste of Lithuanian Food Innovation?

This question was answered by a project team in a cozy SBFOODINNO stand surrounded by food sector SME. Generally speaking over 80 food sector producers out of more than 288 in total presented themselves in this year’s exhibition, making the event a diverse experience that will also include new product tasting and innovations.


SBFOODINNO was present together with some participating in the project activities innovative Lithuanian food SME, their company posters, tastings and video showreel company cases:

Some asked, why we mean these Lithuanian food sector companies are innovative?

  • Sustainability in processing. Ekoproduktas buys beer yeast from breweries and uses advanced technologies and equipment for drying yeast. This allows to preserve valuable substances and vitamins.
  • Innovative process. Avoo, Urban Food and others are collaborating with scientists to use the most effective processes, which help to retain high nutritional value, leaving vitamins and minerals.
  • Plant based food and beverages. Avoo made the first in Lithuania oat drink and it is without added sugar. Moreover, they use glass bottles regarding sustainability reasons. Ekofrisa is about to launch into market with a new ecologic product line Mr. Buckwheat: granola, cakes and bar without added sugar. Supplement producers GERA KARMA and Healthy Choice have a hemp protein product lines.
  • Packaging & manufacturing process. Marijos Trobele is making apple cheese, which recipes come from the 17th Authentic process with four-five stages, finishing with hanging up for drying in a ventilated place for about 6 months and then wrapping in parchment paper.
  • Super food & Supplements. GERA KARAM created supplement – multi- enzyme complex + triphala, that work synergistically to improve digestion, colon & bowel work and help produce stomach acid and digest foods, which are harder to digest. Urbanfood dries and mills vegetables, fruits and herbs, which retain all vitamins.
  • New product line. Confectionery factory Ruta in collaboration with knowledge institutions created new healthy product line GREENZ without added sugar, which consists dried and milled vegetables, berries nuts and nevertheless plant proteins, such as pea protein.



Tastings were a great success…

Gintare Lauce from Urbanfood is presenting company concept, product variety, processes and tastings of cocktails with dried and milled vegetables, fruits, herbs and roots.

Ieva Ragauskiene from Ekofrisa is presenting new products – ecological buckwheat bar and granola without added sugar.

Moreover, at the Exhibition meetings with representatives from Lithuanian food clusters, institutions and innovative food SME were arranged and held.

In the picture from the left Giedrius Bagusinskas, SMART Food cluster coordinator/Lithuanian Food Exporters Association (LitMEA) director, Jolita Kausiuviene, PMO Supporter at University College Absalon, DK, Michael Christiansen, SBFOODINNO Project Manager at University College Absalon, DK, Dalius Kaselis, Student Assistant at University of Copenhagen, DK and Gintare Lauce, Head of Marketing at Urbanfood

Following its traditions, the Made in Lithuania 2019 exhibition has organized a pre-announced competition for the Best Product 2019. Project team also had an opportunity to meet one of the food sector winners – Ziezmariu geles and their new product line Fresko Fiorito. Their freeze-dried tomatoes were announced as a winner at Exhibition Golden Awards. Company offers a wide variety of freeze-dried fruits, berries, vegetables, herbs, flower blossoms etc.

Rasa Stoniene, Owner of Fresko Fiorito (Ziezmariu geles) and Michael Christiansen, SBFOODINNO Project Manager at University College Absalon, DK


It is also worth mentioning, that Project attracted some representatives from Universities and Public Sector Institutions, who are much wiling for future collaborations and are looking forward to hearing more about SBFOODINNO activities. Moreover, we met the representative from EKO EUROPA, which is a distributor of products through online sales channels in major European markets. He has already contacted SME introduced in a SBFOODINNO project stand in order to make some agreements. It is really exiting to hear more, if this our meeting at the exhibition and further actions can turn into something big!

But what is Food Innovation generally?

Some crops, such as Faba Beans, Lupines, Quinoa and Pees from Project Partners institutions and companies were brought with and shown in a Project stand in order to present SBFOODINNO project concept, activities and results, nevertheless, to open a discussion about innovation itself.

Project team in the dialogs with consumers and others interested also asked and discussed, what does food innovation mean to them? And of course, it is not an easy question to answer, as “innovation” could be understood very differently: product innovation, process innovation, organizational innovation, marketing innovation and so on.

In the word cloud below the overview of opinion about Food Innovation from exhibition visitors and participants is presented: