1.     Description of Buissness

“Ekofrisa” is one of the leading grain producers in the Baltic States. The company produces buckwheat, barley, wheat, pearls, pea grits. The company buys raw materials necessary for the production of grits from Lithuanian farmers, which ensures the highest quality of grits. As much as 82 percent Ekofrisa exports its products to different countries of the world: Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, France, Czech Republic, Poland, Greece, Spain, Great Britain, Ireland, Israel, Australia, USA, Scandinavia.

The mission of Ekofrisa is to produce high quality and organic wholegrain products with added value that promote a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle such as shakes, granola and bars.

Ekofrisa products also include buckwheat pillows, puffs, toys, mattresses, mulch and functional foods.


2.     Description of Innovation

New production or well known but in different way of consumption.

New product that makes everyone stop and amaze the novelty.

Aim of innovations – healthy but different way to consume grains, supplemented by healthy supplements.

3.     Challenges

The innovation challenges are to develop and produce healthy grain products. There are several ways to consume grains, and possibilities to supplement different type of foods with healthier supplements.

Ekofrisa collaborates with Kaunas Technology University (KTU) for new product development. Student groups are then working with different type of products, and Ekofrisa then chooses one group which has a good innovation food prototype. The student group are then hired for further recipe development and mockups preparations in our own laboratory. Our team helps the students taking in mind the requirements from the market. Some recipes need to be adjusted to the market demands.

4.     Actors and stakeholders

We are working with Kaunas technology university for new products creation.

5.     Outcomes

Good results as expected. The product became good, new and interesting. In fair PLMA the product was chosen as a new innovation and a report was made in our companies boot presentation. We were glad that our feeling about product was right and that the product met good in the market. It was overall a successful result with a clean label and a simple recipe.

6.     Learnings

To involve a technologist and a market researcher would have shortened the way of development. The technologist could have lead the project. It is not enough to have a good recipe, the product has to be tasty and healthy (sugar free) which a technologist could have followed up though out the development process. A market researcher would have been useful to understand the different markets in dairy-free (Scandinavia) and sugar-free which would also have helped the development process.

7.     Obstacles & shortcomings

Lack of technologist and lack of market review.

There were no sales and consumer strategy.

8.     Recommendations

It is important to understand in an early stage to whom the product is created for. To know the market and involve a marketing and sales person and to gather the product team.