1.     Description of Business

EKOPRODUKTAS is the only dry brewer’s yeast manufacturing company in Lithuania that has been operating successfully since 2000. The company uses advanced technologies and equipment for drying yeast. This allows us to preserve valuable substances and vitamins in the beer yeast produced by us, which is particularly appreciated in the food and feed industries due to its positive effects on the body.

The company works flexibly and focuses on the needs of consumers (buyers). Our products are well known and appreciated in various countries around the world.

2.     Description of Innovation

For us, simple innovation would be to enter new markets.

The purpose of company innovation is to establish partnerships with many companies that would be interested in our products.

3.     Challenges

We purchase liquid brewer’s yeast as a by-product from the breweries. Thereafter we bring it to our factory, evaporate moisture from the mass and with drum drying machine we produce dry brewer’s yeast. This yeast becomes a valuable supplement with a lot of vitamins and minerals intended for further use in feed industry or for human consumption. The inactive dry brewer´s yeast, is used as supplement for its protein (40-45%) and vitamin content.

We have collaborated with Food Institutes in some scientific studies like yeast extract manufacture possibilities and brewer´s yeast digestibility in mice. We also collaborated with Kaunas Technology University (KTU) on extraction possibilities and digestibility in mice.

For new innovations we have access to our lab, extended lab and exhibitions for later in the process.

One of the challenges is to find collaborators who are interested in using our products in new contexts and products. In addition, packaging and new knowledge within the area are also constant needed.

4.     Actors and stakeholders

We are collaborating with our raw material suppliers and our direct customers. In addition, we are also collaborating with Lithuanian Food Institute.

5.     Outcomes

We have had positive outcomes in our collaboration resulting in a product with 92% digestibility.