1.     Description of Business

Company description, functions – reproduction of fruits, vegetables and berries, their drying, freezing.

2.     Description of Innovation

Something new, something different. It can be anything from a marketing approach, packaging to creating a brand-new product.

3.     Challenges

The overall product idea has changed. First, we focused on adults, now more on children and adolescents.

Moreover, find the right market, finish developing the idea and start realizing it.

4.     Actors and stakeholders

Collaboration of the company – KTU Food Institute, Vytautas Magnus University Agricultural Academy.

5.     Outcomes

The project is still ongoing, we have invested in canning technology, are in contact with Kaunas University of Technology, and now we are developing recipes.

6.     Learnings

Research into canning technology. Consultation with universities, and later visits to other companies running HPP technology. Every new product you develop needs the research you need to offer innovation if you want to enter the market.

7.     Obstacles & shortcomings

Now we would make deeper market analysis. Shortage of staff to do the work.

8.     Recommendations

First of all, to clear the idea of innovation. Then do a market analysis.