1.     Description of Business

Satrijos Legenda is a company which was established in 2016, with the project co-funded by the European Union. The company provides catering servises during various holidays or events. They are located in Telsiai district, Lithuania. Company tries to focus on innovations in food sector, avoiding using unnatural food additives or colorants.


2.     Description of Innovation

Innovation is something new, untested, on a regional or Lithuanian scale. It can be both a product and a technology, a service. Our company focuses on innovating in the field of naturalness and making food available to everyone – omnivorous, raw, vegetarian, vegan.

3.     Challenges

It is easy to find information, but how to use it in practice – knowledge is lacking. I think practical training is needed as all courses are very expensive.

4.     Actors and stakeholders

We belong to the recently established Telšiai tourism cluster, the beginning has taken place, now we just need to develop the cooperation. Until then, we had a small informal cluster with several companies.

We are trying to establish contacts with other clusters, we have invited the Pamario cluster and our cluster members have visited Biržai cluster, we are interested in cooperation. Some companies do not know how a cluster works, nor do they want to pay a membership fee, some only think of benefits to themselves if they join the cluster. We should think about what we can do together, what we can’t do one by one, what would be cheaper, faster, such as dissemination, advertising, page creation, exhibitions.

5.     Outcomes

We produce everything you need for the holidays. We do not refuse to challenge ourselves and take on challenges, one of which is when customers in our area have not found food vendors who would agree to prepare all the food for the wedding celebration exclusively from vegetarian dishes. I think that one of the innovations in Telšiai district was to offer restaurant guests tasting dinners, especially with the seafood. A bit higher price of the dessert would give you higher quality and more fun. Many customers want colored baked goods, especially for children, but many do not want paint, so then we have to think about how to change it and look for innovative solutions. We extract the green color using spinach, and the colors can be enlivened with berries or lyophilized berry powders.

We are also developing a new project – cuisine on wheels: in the region, apart from kebabs, there is no such kitchen. We could serve events in all places, even in the woods. We have facilities in the center of town, but big parties are usually chosen by our customers at the homesteads, most of them have no food suppliers, so the quality of our dishes is reduced during transportation. Because of that we started to develop the idea of ​​kitchen on wheels.

Now the company still does not live up to expectations, I thought over time I would be able to do more, take more orders, create more jobs, but so far it is up to me. I would like to see the equipment and facilities in use doubled, but this requires staff and is in short supply.

6.     Learnings

If I were to develop a company today, I would better research the market, try to find other companies to work together. When I started my business, I was faced with the reality: there are not so many residents in the area, no income to go to restaurants on a regular basis, no restaurant culture yet, most people coming to eat as fast as possible to satisfy their hunger. This is not the case in the big cities, but the restaurant is only a catering establishment in the area. I don’t want people to rush, I want them to enjoy food and communication. We do not exclude the possibility of resuming restaurant operations.

7.     Obstacles & shortcomings

People who are thinking and wanting to work in a small town are hard to find, and no one wants to leave the city, human resources are a bigger problem than money.