1.     Description of Business

SVEIKA ENERGIJA JSC is a Lithuanian-based company that develop, produce, distribute and sell proteins (whey proteins, hemp proteins) made exclusively in Lithuania. HEALTHY CHOICE 100% PURE and WATER-SOLUBLE WHEY PROTEIN is made in Lithuania from milk, supplied by Lithuanian and other Baltic dairy suppliers. HEALTHY CHOICE does not use any added sugar, salt or oils, as well as flavorings or colorings. Products are without soy, GMO and gluten. In addition, Healthy Choice, in response to the global interest in plant proteins, are also offering hemp seed protein and hulled hemp seeds. The company continually delivers HEALTHY CHOICE protein to customers in United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Poland and Baltic States.

2.     Description of Innovation


Application of science, research and new technologies in production and in the whole activity of the company. It can also be technologies that save resources as time or money.

The aim of the innovation – better packaging technology and expanding production capabilities.

3.     Challenges

The challenges were relating to packaging and expanding production capabilities.

We participated in exhibitions, explored innovations, hired experts who could give advice on how to avoid mistakes. We also made a market analysis, product approval, raw material selection, partner search and production.

4.     Actors and stakeholders

We collaborated with package companies for different products

5.     Outcomes

Creation of a successful product. The results were expected and successful and are being sold on the market.

6.     Learnings

To hire professionals regarding label tagging in order to save time and avoid mistakes.

7.     Obstacles & shortcomings

Lack of Specialists in packaging.

In Lithuania there is lack of packaging professionals and those who are here do not have equipment.

8.     Recommendations

There is need of knowledge to Lithuanian legislation or experts should be hired to explain all the specialties

9.     Reflections/Conclusions

More new technologies in food packaging sector and closer cooperation between state institutions are needed.