1.     Description of Business

URBANFOOD is a family owned company, fostering healthy lifestyle traditions. We produce functional food products, such as a variety of fruit, vegetable and seed powder and corn sticks. It is a blend of European “super-food” and “fast food”. We assure you that these are innovative products of the highest quality and enhanced functionality, developed in collaboration with scientists.

URBANFOOD mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle, produce only health-friendly products and help to find new, natural flavours. Our products can help to enrich the diet with plant-based vitamins and minerals for busy people and the ones who are always on the run.

All of our products are made only from vegetables, fruit, herbs and berries grown in Lithuania*. Lithuania has long traditions of an organic lifestyle. There are plenty of fresh, evergreen pine forests, as well as placid and clear lakes. Therefore, our products are recognized and appreciated around the world.

*Lithuania is in the very centre of Europe, which is easy and convenient to reach by plane from anywhere in Europe.

URBANFOOD products are perfect for people who prefer healthy, vegan, vegetarian or raw food diet. The products do not contain any preservatives, colour additives, sweeteners, sugar, wheat or other chemicals.


2.     Description of Innovation

The aim of the innovation – to change people’s eating habits, to bring the key message that healthy diet is significant for the health.

3.     Challenges

To change people’s eating habits, to bring the key message that healthy diet is significant for the health.

All products were tested in both drying and grinding stages to check out and compare left vitamins, color, texture and solubility.

The choices during product development and a good quality of it came by doing tests and though own experience.

The products were presented in fairs, exhibitions, and sensory tested. According to the results, the best product was selected. Moreover, different raw materials and suppliers were tested and selected. Time of the year, soil and also drying temperature had an influence on the quality of the raw materials.

4.     Actors and stakeholders

Collaboration with ASU taking into consideration gained results of their research work (ASU – Aleksandras Stulginskis University, now it is together with Vytautas Magnus University and Lithuanian Educology University are merged together and has a name of Vytautas Magnus University) https://www.vdu.lt/en/

5.     Outcomes

The final outcome is not achieved yet as we are still searching for binding material to make a snack bar

Some of the raw materials surprised in a good way, but they do not have yet an attractive look

We will achieve the success when we finally make a functional food (finished product).

6.     Learnings

More consultants and experts regarding equipment would be useful. Also a more critical selection of raw materials suppliers and more researchers about the change of product characteristics at the transformation stage.

7.     Obstacles & shortcomings

Lack of knowledge, also others are not willing to share results, experiences, information about risks etc.

Lack of information, knowledge institutions are not sharing results. It could be made a database consisting achieved results and testing.

For us it would be useful: sales, export markets, help to check the reliability of willing selling our products companies abroad.

8.     Recommendations

To do everything in a practice, do not think too much theoretically