SBFOODINNO in one of the most popular Lithuanian Food Magasin

Virtuvės mitų griovėjai (VMG) – a creative company, whose main activities are: food advertising and communication; advertising (food, interior, beauty, and other products); food design; publishing; creating recipes; organizing personal and business events. VMG belongs – gastronomic website, including lots of recipes, useful advices, and tasty reportages, also different TV shows.

The article about SBFOODINNO and its Plant Protein Conference in May 2019 was published in the start of October in one of the twelve VMG brands – in magazine “VERDU IR KEPU” – A culinary magazine, published every two months, sharing more than 130 recipes and tasty ideas. The topic of this publishing was plant proteins + Scandinavian approach & experiences

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The article in English:

Meat-free Lasagna? Why not! More and more popular vegetable proteins are about to change nutrition habits

The ecological and social systems of the planet are facing major challenges, which call for a shift towards a more sustainable society. In order to reach this goal the Western world should shift towards a diet based on more plant protein. The growing interest in plant products creates new eating habits and new business opportunities, often referred to as innovative.

Plant proteins themes are also at the epicenter of project activities and events, which directly involve and address SME needs and innovation challenges. The main project partners from Denmark, Sweden and Germany are not only themselves growing and testing field trials of vegetable proteins, but also actively involve local producers. This perfectly illustrates the conference “Plant Proteins in Food and Diets” held in in May 2019 in Denmark. Here, in addition to presentations by Scandinavian scientists, product tastings based on plant proteins were made by University College Absalon students. Danish companies Nordic Quinoa, KMC, Kaffe Bueno and NISCO provided students with high in protein values raw materials, such as peas, potatoes, coffee, quinoa, faba beans, amaranth and hemp.

Students in combination to knowledge and experience gained at the knowledge institution created seven different recipes for products, which were presented at the conference:

  • Pea drink
  • Potato protein-based baby food
  • Broad bean patty
  • Amaranth crispbread
  • Coffee flour for protein enrichment
  • Falafel minced mixture added roasted hemp seeds
  • Lasagna with pea based mince

It was a great success! The conference attendees could hardly believe that delicious lasagna is meat-free.

The SBFOODINNO project, through intersectoral cooperation in the Baltic Region, is gathering and sharing knowledge and contacts on plant proteins, nevertheless bringing findings and learning to Lithuania as one of the priority regions.