1.     Description of Business

Official and licensed manufacturers of nutritional supplements and cosmetics in Lithuania. The mission of the company is to develop top quality and compound / advanced (innovative) nutritional supplements and natural cosmetics.

We research, learn and demonstrate our unique ideas and turn them into actionable products. It is the result of many research, knowledge and excellent product development cycles and steps. At the moment, we focus on superfoods and the production of SUPER PREMIUM nutritional supplements for everyone, especially athletes, and active, health-conscious people who strive to achieve the best results at work, in sports and in their personal lives.
Our products are organic and from natural components as well as free of preservatives, food coloring and GMOs.


2.     Description of Innovation

Innovation is similar to “invention”. Meaning something new, something never seen or imagined before. Something unique. Something disruptive, something that can be applied and used widely with a clear benefit to humanity or world in general.

Our aim is to launch original/unique products, that would be beneficial to the client, would be accepted, approved with a positive impact on the users and their lives.

3.     Challenges

In the beginning we were missing key funding and strong partners. It was bit harder, than expected, but we’ve came through.

4.     Actors and stakeholders

Our team is built from experienced professionals in their field. Also, we collaborate with local food authorities and specialists from universities.

5.     Outcomes

Ultimately, we’ve got 2 office state licenses issued in our company name. We are official food supplement manufacturers and cosmetics manufacturers and EU is our main market or market, where we can operate fully and legally. I’ve successfully launched several great products, that won local contests as “Product of the Year 2019”.

We expect to launch new products, we’re already in the process and want to conquer EU market and establish ourselves as a professional food supplement company with highest standards and modern products, that work and deliver results.

6.     Learnings 

Being CEO I did everything from A to Z. Want to be the Master of the Craft – you have to pass “rite of passage” and know how every step of the process works.

Main objective was to build the facility, prepare it to get inspected in order to get licenses. Without licenses – you cannot be a manufacturer/creator or you’re not in control of the process. I wanted to responsibility of my products and actions, so went this huge extra mile.

7.     Obstacles & shortcomings

EU food legislation is a huge obstacle to every innovation. All new, modern and innovative ideas, substances and materials are being labelled as “New foods” and have crazy strict rules and basically “kill innovation”. So best innovations and most modern solutions are “killed” by the governments and bureaucracy.

8.     Recommendations

Do your research, before you dive into it. Measure 10 times, cut the 11th.

Be bold, be brave, be fearless.

9.     Reflections/Conclusions

The most amazing thing during this process was/is, that I am meeting amazing new people around the world, making personal and business relationships. I am doing this for the people, so to meet some of them is a true blessing.