The Lupin Conference in Güstrow, Germany on November 20, 2019

The Lupin Conference was the closing event of a 5-year project called Lupin Demonstration Network. Guests from politics, economy incl. the farmers and research had come. There were participants from the network, associated groups or interested persons. In addition to presentations from all areas of lupin cultivation, processing and use, there were also exhibitors with their lupin products and scientific posters, mainly presenting associated R&D projects, were shown. Most of the exhibitors were SMEs from the food industry. Numerous products could be tasted: Coffee made from roasted lupins, spreads with lupin protein as well as yoghurt and bread with lupin protein.
The presentations showed successes achieved in the past 5 years, but also challenges and limits of lupin cultivation and use in Germany. The limits lie in particular in breeding (problems are caused by disease resistance, alkaloid content, and protein content) and the cultivation of lupins. Only few farmers are willing to grow lupins because the cultivation is problematic and the price of lupins is too low. Thus, one conclusion of the conference is that further work is needed to increase lupin cultivation in order to take advantage of the positive aspects of legume cultivation and to obtain more protein from local sources.
The majority of lupins are processed into animal feed or used directly by farmers for feeding purposes. One of the successes of the project is the increase in processing for food purposes. The project management has also been particularly concerned with networking between farmers and lupin processors. It is planned to maintain the established network of the Society for the Promotion of Lupins.
For us the conference offered the opportunity to discuss with breeders, farmers and consultants and to present our work and the SBFOODINNO projects on posters. Thus, we were able to draw attention to the SBFOODINNO project. People from the Society for the Promotion of Lupins who will continue to support the network are very interested to stay in contact.