Bilateral meeting with focus on lupin varieties (Flakkebjerg, Denmark July 2020)

On the 2nd of July, 2020 bilateral meeting of the project took place in Flakkebjerg, Denmark.

There participated Johannes Ravn Jørgensen, Dept. of Agroecology Aarhus University, Denmark and Jens Bojahr, Saatzucht Steinach GmbH, Bocksee, Germany (cooperation partner of University of Rostock).


Meeting started with the welcome at the main building and walk to the field trial. Inspection of the lupine plots was carried out.







Later some interesting discussions were held:

Discussion of the lupine varieties.

• Interesting aspects • Differences between the varieties • Density of plants, number of pods, number of seeds •

They have sown 8 varieties provided by Saatzucht Steinach.

Discussion about other forms of cultivation such as mixed cultivation/intercropping.

The Danish colleagues from Aarhus University are interested in special features of the harvest.