Upcoming events:

In order to contribute to measures against the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, all planned events arranged by the project in March, April, May and June are postponed or cancelled for the time being.

The Project Management Office and project partners are also investigating whether webinars & Skype meetings can be a substitute for some of the meeting formats & setups.

For more info, please contact Michael Christiansen, Project Manager, chri(a)pha.dk Mobile +45 7248 1582.



September 9.-10 2020 Legumes seminar, SE. Info follows. (Postponed, planned to May 6.-7. 2020)

September 29.- October 1. 2020: FoodTech – Processing & Packaging, DK. Project is present.

October 12.-15. European week of Regions and Cities, Brussel, Be. Project is present. More info

October 16. World Food Day. Project event. Info follows.

November 11.-12. 2020: Nordic Organic Food Fair, Malmö, SE. Project is present.

November 2020. South Baltic Food Innovation – project final confererence. TBA, in DK.

The calendar will be constantly updated with events in 2020


Events log: Previously held events & meetings:

Article about event (EN)Straipsnis apie renginį (LT)

  • January 10, 2020: Project Partner group meetup, Soroe DK. By invitation only.
  • December 12.-13. 2019: Krinova, SE: SB FICA end conference – The project South Baltic Food Innovation Culture Actors. Project is present and active part in workshop. Go to web site info
  • November 20. 2019 – Güstrow DE: LUPINEN – KONFERENZ Delegation tour to conference together with Rostock University Go to Websection (DE)
  • November 13-14 2019, Lund SE: FOOD TECH LUND 2019 – How Food Tech can shape our future food system Co Event with FoodScience Sweden. Go To websection
  • November (12), 13-14 2019 Nordic Organic Food Fair. Malmö, SE Go To Websection
  • October 11.-13. 2019, Kaunas, LT: MADE IN LITHUANIA 2019 – FOOD INDUSTRY. Project is present together with Enterprise Europe Network for LT food SME brokerage. Go to Websection
  • October 7-10, 2019, Brussels, BE: Food Innovation Concepts from smaller regions of the South Baltic area. Project PMO is present with exhibition stand at European Week of Regions and Cities, Agora Village. More info.
  • September 19, 2019 Kaunas, LT: Food Innovation in Lithuania – Council Meetup Go to Websection Maisto inovacijos Lietuvoje – Maisto Inovacijų Tarybos susitikimas Kaune, Lietuvoje Daugiau info
  • September 19, 2019 Kaunas, LT: Food Innovation in Lithuania – a Toolbox Seminar for SME in the food sector . Go to Websection Maisto inovacijos Lietuvoje – Toolbox seminaras maisto sektoriaus įmonėms. Daugiau info
  • August 8-9.2019: Interviews with Lithuanian stakeholders (food SME). Roundtrip performed by student assistant Dalius Kaselis, University of Copenhagen.
  • July 2. 2019. Food Innovation in the South Baltic Region, Association of Polish Communes in Euroregion Baltic (ERB), Elbląg – Roundtable meeting. By invitation only.
  • June 20., AU Flakkebjerg, DK: Sustainable and Healthy food production – Vegetable protein as part of the solution. Seminar for SME, students, farmers, knowledge institutions. Program DK (DK)
  • June 12.-13., Gdansk, PL: 10th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region 2019.
    Project was present. More info
  • June 3-4, 2019, Kaunas, LT: Food Innovation Toolbox workshop with Lithuanian SME.
    At Kaunas University of Technology , Food Studies. Follow up Kaunas Meetup 3-4 June, 2019
    By invitation only. Theme section and news update are released week 24.
  • May 24. Tydal, DE, Deutch-Danish Festival, panel debate. SBFOODINNO is present at festival arranged by the Interreg 5A project Benefit4Region. More info
  • May 21, 2019, Absalon, DK: Plant protein conference “Plant Proteins in Food and Diets”. Go to websection
  • May 10-11, 2019, DK: DK food festival and symposium (Madens Folkemøde), the project is present.
    General info: Learn more: Go to website info
  • May 10. 2019, DK. Food strategies in municipalities
    Network Meetup 1030am-330 pm at DK food festival and symposium . PDF Infoflyer DK
  • March 7.+8, 2019, Rostock, DE. Food Innovation Council (FIC) meeting 1901 and Plant-Protein-Product seminar
    Learn more: Go to websection
  • February 26. 2019: Plant Protein Seminar “Can we use more plant-based proteins?”. Websection 
  • November 22. 2018: Local food strategies in municipalities – conference. Websection
  • October 11.-12. 2018. Food Innovation Council meeting (FIC) meeting 1803 and Food Innovation Toolbox seminar FOOD AND PACKAGING INNOVATION in Baltic Sea region  Websection
  • June 12. 2018: Public Procurement event for Food Sector SMEs. Websection 
  • May 31. 2018: Food Innovation Toolbox – Development workshop (SLU, SE) By invitation only.
  • May 4. 2018: Food Innovation Council meeting (FIC) meeting 1802 – Aalborg University Copenhagen. By Invitation Only.
  • May 4. 2018:. SBFOODINNO Steering Committee – Aalborg University Copenhagen. By Invitation Only
  • January 23. 2018: Food Innovation Council meeting (FIC) meeting 1801. Lund University, SE.
  • October 31. 2017 Half-day Seminar 9 am – 14 pm: SBFI Food Innovation Solutions. Open seminar.
  • October 30.+ 31. 2017 SBFI Partner Meetup #1 KickOff event