The SBFOODINNO event Calender:


events Comming Up

  • August 6-7.2019: Interviews with Lithuanian stakeholders. Roundtrip performed by student assistant Dalius Kaselis, University of Copenhagen.
  • September 19-20, 2019 Kaunas, LT: Food Innovation Council (FIC) meeting 1902 and Food Innovation Toolbox seminar with a theme. Information follows.
  • October 7-10, 2019, Brussels, BE: Food Innovation Concepts from smaller regions of the South Baltic area. Project PM is present with exhibition stand at European Week of Regions and Cities, Agora Village. More info.
  • October 11.-13. 2019, Kaunas, LT: MADE IN LITHUANIA 2019 – FOOD INDUSTRY. Project is present together with Enterprise Europe Network for LT food SME brokerage. More Info

events log: Previously held events & meetings:

  • July 2. 2019. Food Innovation in the South Baltic Region, Association of Polish Communes in Euroregion Baltic (ERB), Elbląg – Roundtable meeting. By invitation only.
  • June 20., AU Flakkebjerg, DK: Sustainable and Healthy food production Vegetable protein as part of the solution. Seminar for SME, students, farmers, knowledge institutions. Program DK (DK)
  • June 12.-13., Gdansk, PL: 10th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region 2019.
    Project was present. More info
  • June 3-4, 2019, Kaunas, LT: Food Innovation Toolbox workshop with Lithuanian SME.
    At Kaunas University of Technology , Food Studies. Follow up Kaunas Meetup 3-4 June, 2019
    By invitation only. Theme section and news update are released week 24.
  • May 24. Tydal, DE, Deutch-Danish Festival, panel debate. SBFOODINNO is present at festival arranged by the Interreg 5A project Benefit4Region. More info
  • May 21, 2019, Absalon, DK: Plant protein conference “Plant Proteins in Food and Diets”. Go to websection
  • May 10-11, 2019, DK: DK food festival and symposium (Madens Folkemøde), the project is present.
    General info: Learn more: Go to website info
  • May 10. 2019, DK. Food strategies in municipalities
    Network Meetup 1030am-330 pm at DK food festival and symposium . PDF Infoflyer DK
  • March 7.+8, 2019, Rostock, DE. Food Innovation Council (FIC) meeting 1901 and Plant-Protein-Product seminar
    Learn more: Go to websection
  • February 26. 2019: Plant Protein Seminar “Can we use more plant-based proteins?”. Websection 
  • November 22. 2018: Local food strategies in municipalities – conference. Websection
  • October 11.-12. 2018. Food Innovation Council meeting (FIC) meeting 1803 and Food Innovation Toolbox seminar Websection
  • June 12. 2018: Public Procurement event for Food Sector SMEs. Websection 
  • May 31. 2018: Food Innovation Toolbox – Development workshop (SLU, SE) By invitation only.
  • May 4. 2018: Food Innovation Council meeting (FIC) meeting 1802 – Aalborg University Copenhagen. By Invitation Only.
  • May 4. 2018:. SBFOODINNO Steering Committee – Aalborg University Copenhagen. By Invitation Only
  • January 23. 2018: Food Innovation Council meeting (FIC) meeting 1801. Lund University, SE.
  • October 31. 2017 Half-day Seminar 9 am – 14 pm: SBFI Food Innovation Solutions. Open seminar.
  • October 30.+ 31. 2017 SBFI Partner Meetup #1 KickOff event