No. Sector of activity Company Website Short information
1 Food sector SMART food cluster The SMART FOOD cluster was established in 2013 on the basis of the Joint Activities Agreement of the Lithuanian Food Exporters Association, LitMEA.It comprises 27 members representing various sectors of the food industry.SMART Food cluster has an aim of expanding innovation by promoting cluster development, integration into international networks, attracting new members and increasing innovation potential. In 2019 The Lithuanian Cluster Association together with SMART food cluster has become one of the10 national cluster associations that have signed a memorandum on the establishment of the European Cluster Association Alliance. It is an important step and a potentially great platform for promoting the internationalization of clusters and their members, to improve the provision of services to clusters, to offer joint recommendations to policy makers at regional and EU level, also to intensify the sharing and dissemination of information on the events of the organizations, to invite partners from abroad to organized trainings, to share experience and compare the results of the implemented measures, financing methods, organizational models, etc. SMART food cluster’s international partners: Food Products Quality cluster (Latvia), UNIMOS alliance (Poland); On Granada (Spain); Foodservice cluster (Spain); Packaging cluster (Spain); Upper Austrian Food cluster (Austria); Paper Province (Sweden); Merinova (Holand). As a member of the International Food Cluster Consortium, the Smart Food Cluster is ready to host clusters from other countries and discuss opportunities for joint projects.
2 Food sector National Food Cluster The National Food Cluster (NaMŪK) is an Association of Lithuanian producers founded in 2006. It has 22 members, such as Rūta; the LAMMC (Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry) Institute of Horticulture; Daumantai LT and others. The cluster manufactures innovative products with high added value from Lithuanian raw materials and collaborates with Lithuanian scientists. Its main objectives are the development of Lithuania’s food industry and the promotion of greater competitiveness, innovation and entrepreneurship.
3 Food sector MB Traškuva Natural dried chips made from vegetables grown in Lithuania. No artificial additives
4 Food sector UAB Trys kepėjai  Confectionery
5 Food sector Užupių manufaktūra MB Natural Barley Tea, Barley Espresso Coffee, Barley Chai Coffee, Acorn Coffee made from product grown in Lithuania.
6 Food sector Vaičius Ernestas, farmer Products made from snails.  Packed snail products
7 Food sector Vasaknos UAB Fish farming, rearing them in ponds and pools, fish for sale. Here are reared and bred: carp, pike, grass carp, trout, sturgeon.
8 Food sector Versala UAB  Inovative sweet cucumber jam.
9 Food sector Vilkenta UAB Natural fermentation wine
10 Food sector Zinkevičius Kęstutis, farmer All production of “Kanapūkis” is grown in Ukmergė district, K. Zinkevičius family farm. Healthy hemp seed oil, hemp seeds, protein, flour, tea, salt, etc. Products for body and skin – body scrub and lip balm.
11 Food sector Šerno pėda UAB Products made from game.
12 Food sector Šlapaberžės konditerija UAB Confectionery
13 Food sector Šušvės midus, MB Mead
14 Food sector Šventeckis Vidmantas Smoked fish
15 Wellness products , food supplements Pietu Megrame UAB Making and installing plastic windows and doors. Protection from mosquito.
16 Wellness products , food supplements Totochemical UAB Spray polyurethane foam producer in Lithuania.
17 Wellness products , food supplements Vandenvala UAB Installation of  wastewater treatment plants for individual houses, apartment buildings, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing companies, farmsteads, gas stations and other purpose buildings
18 Wellness products , food supplements
19 Wellness products , food supplements Aconitum, UAB Develops and produces herbal medicines, food supplements, and homoeopathic medicinal products
20 Wellness products , food supplements Dženkaitis Renatas oil Presses high quality linen seed, hemp and rapeseed oil. The oils are squeezed out of fresh, this year’s top-quality harvest seeds.
21 Wellness products , food supplements Fhlife World UAB Pharmaceutical company, specializing in production of natural products.
22 Wellness products , food supplements Ispiryan Audronė Fuctional food from berries, dried berries, berries stones oil
23 Wellness products , food supplements Medicata Filia UAB Manufacturing food supplements rich in natural vitamins and amino-acids, natural OTC medicines, and cosmetics. The main business focus is on products from the beehive – propolis, royal jelly, bee pollen and honey.
24 Wellness products , food supplements Prieskonių ambasada UAB Brand name “7 Ievos namai” – the tea of original recipes, natural spices, delicious preserves, jams, spreads, garnishes, sauces. The company trades in exclusive, handmade products manufactured and patented in Lithuania.
25 Food products A. UDRIENĖS I.Į. Natural beer
26 Food products ALJASAS UAB Tea, jams, spreads
27 Food products AKMENIUKAS UAB Natural beer
28 Food products BAISIOGALOS BIOENERGIJA UAB Fish products
29 Food products BRAVOPASTA UAB Fresh pasta, italian type ravioli, gnocchi.
30 Food products BUGA LT UAB Paprica sauces with berries, vegetables and herbs.
31 Food products CHOTĖJUS MB Natural bread, cookies, Lithuanian traditional pastries.
32 Food products DELIKATESAS ŽŪB Meat products
33 Food products DŽENKAITIS RENATAS Linseed, hemp and rapeseed oil. Linseeds, hemp seeds, hemp  blossom tea, fishery products
34 Food products FHLIFE WORLD UAB Natural slimming product.
35 Food products Fotogama UAB Handmade schocolates, caramelized nuts, espresso coffee, nuga, fruit sugars.
36 Food products GARDŪNAS UAB Traditional pastries
37 Food products GELD BALTIC UAB Freeze dried (liophilized) berries, fruits, vegetables, spices.
38 Food products GUDOBELĖ UAB Bread chips “Bon chance”
39 Food products INRIJO UAB Spices, spice mixtures, flavorings, teas, oils, healthy products.
40 Food products ISPIRYAN AUDRONE 100 percent natural berry,(sea buckthorn, black currant, cranberry, blueberry)puree; functional food from  fruit squeeze, dried berries, leaves, dice oil.
41 Food products IŠLAUŽO ŽUVIS AB Natural fish
42 Food products KADAGINĖ UAB Cooked, smoked, cured meat products
43 Food products KATINAS RAMŪNAS Cold pressing oils (linseed, hemp, pumpkin, thorn, etc.)
44 Food products LABU MB Natural juice, pear and apple chips.
45 Food products LAUGENA UAB  Natural bread, traditional cakes and pastries.
46 Food products LIBEVA Honey jams. Honey and  freezed berries product.
47 Food products LIETUNGĖ MB Lithuanian fruit and berry wine
48 Food products LINKUVOS ALUS UAB Lithuanian beer
49 Food products LINKUVOS MĖSA Hot and cold smoking products
50 Food products MARGAS LUKŠTAS Marinated quail eggs (6 different types)
51 Food products MEDAUS MAGIJA MB Honey desserts with berries
52 Food products MILIVA LT Various nut creams
53 Food products MOBSERVICE UAB Mini daughnuts
54 Food products MV GROUP PRODUCTION AB Alcohol drinks, made in Lithuania (wine, brandy, shampagne liquer, etc.) – producer.
55 Food products MĖMELIO VYNAS UAB Handcrafted, limited edition wine.
57 Food products NAMAI VISIEMS VšĮ Hand made vegetarian, vegan pastries.
58 Food products NUTVILA UAB Natural nut creams
59 Food products PILECKAS JUOZAS Honey and its products
60 Food products PISCATOR LT Catfish products
61 Food products PJAUK GRYBĄ IĮ Apple cheese, hemp seed butter, dried fruits, mushrooms, etc.
62 Food products PRAŠVIETA UAB Printing services to print on confectionary products, wood, textile, leather, etc.
63 Food products PRIESKONIŲ AMBASADA UAB Natural teas, jams, dressings.
64 Food products RADVILIŠKIŲ KAIMO KEPYKLA UAB Bread and traditional pastries
65 Food products RAGINĖLIS UAB Natural beer
66 Food products RIMUTĖS ŠIMTALAPIAI Traditional pastries
67 Food products ROKSULĖ UAB Fruit wines
68 Food products RŪTA UAB Chocolate factory
69 Food products SADERA UAB Berry purees, nectars and sauces for salads
70 Food products SAIMETA UAB Bread and traditional pastries
71 Food products SKAISTGIRIO ŽŪB Dairy products: milk, kefir, sour milk, sour cream, cottage cheese
72 Food products SVEIKATOS SAUJA MB Sea ​​buckthorn products: teas, jams, spices, oil, honey delicacies
73 Food products SVIESTAS SVIESTUOTAS MB Handmade butters from nuts and seeds.
74 Food products TARUŠKIŲ ALAUS BRAVORAS UAB Natural beer
75 Food products TAVLINAS UAB Spices