The Milk Road route is the result of the Milk Road project: from local producer to consumer. At the end of the project, the Association Milk Road has been created to oversee and develop the Milk Road route.

Farmers, local producers, rural communities, farmsteads along the Milk Road route of Rietavas, Plungė, Telšiai and Kupiškis invite you to visit and meet the villagers, hear their stories, learn and see how cheeses and other dairy products are made, taste traditional regional dishes, buy rustic products, try different health procedures and experience the hospitality of Lithuanian villages.

Milk Road route

Among other activities, Association “Milk Road” stands for organizing and conducting a range of seminars.

The last one was held in November 2019 “Increasing the use of locally produced agricultural and food products development of short food supply chains and local food systems at municipal level”. The seminar was addressing farmers, local authorities, leaders of rural communities, heads of public institutions and organizations.

In order to ensure local food system functioning and effectively support local farmers and food producers, it is needed to promote it at the municipal level.

The key to success is the ability of municipal administrations, farmers and business, as well as local community leaders to establish a territorial contract of supporting and promoting local production in various ways. Assuming that, it is very useful to have access to the best practices of other EU countries and after adapting that, systematically develop local food system at municipal level.