Plant Proteins as a Food Source – Eat more green protein

Date & Time: Wednesday, June 24, 2020, 11 - 12.45 AM (GMT +2)    « REGISTRATION »
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Producers and users of raw materials can make a big difference in the climate impact by reducing meat consumption. This assumes that there are good, plant-based alternatives to animal proteins. Therefore, the focus should be on public and private large kitchens, as well as consumers, being educated in what good, plant-based proteins are produced and how they can be used.

Topics will be addressing:

– Which vegetable products can be used advantageously
– Our choices affect the environment
– Can we replace meat and still get enough protein

  • Webinar language – Danish, slides in English.


Detailed program (constantly updated):

11.00 Welcome & Introduction. Tomas Olofsson, Associate Professor at Zealand Academy of Technologies and Business
11.05 More People Want the Green – Development in Denmark and Internationally. Katrine Ejlerskov, Ph.D. Project Manager for Business and Ecology, Danish Vegetarian Association
11.15 Q&A
11.20 Kragerup Gods Focus on Plant Protein for Food. Olav Ditlevsen, Property Manager at Kragerup Gods
11.30 Q&A
11.35 Sources of Plant-based Protein.  Johannes Ravn Jørgensen, Associate Professor at Aarhus University
11.50 Q&A
11.55 Is Organic Produce the best Choice? Gitte Hallengreen Jørgensen, Assistant Professor at Zealand Academy of Technologies and Business
12.10 Q&A
12.15 Protein as Building Block. Tina Beermann, Aut. Clinical Dietitian at GreenSoul
12.40 Q&A
12.45 Generalization & Thank you