WEBINAR Pulses – innovations from field to for

Date: Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Time: 9.00 AM – 12.00 PM (GMT +2)


Event  arranged by the Project partner Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)  

he aim of the event was to bring together SMEs, academics and innovation facilitators from the South Baltic region. Project presentations by researchers were combined with talks by SMEs where they “told their story” from idea to product development. The event focused on pulses. Moderator of the webinar was Helena Persson Hovmalm.

The event was organized within the Interreg project SBFOODINNO, South Baltic Innovation, by the project partner Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) Alnarp. Originally, we planned for a conventional conference in the beginning of May, in cooperation with the SME Kalmar-Ölands Trädgårdsprodukter, but due to the COVID-19 situation the conference was replaced by a webinar, implemented using the Zoom program. We publicized the webinar on the SBFOODINNO and SLU webpages, as well as via social media channels like LinkedIn.


Two researchers, Cornelia Witthöft (Linnæus University) and Åsa Grimberg (SLU), were invited to give talks about new research on nutrient content in pulses and field trials on faba bean. Anna Henning Moberg, project developer at Torsåker, Axfoundation, gave a talk about her work as an innovation facilitator. Representatives from four different SMEs, i.e. Per Modig from Fagraslätt, Pia Qvarnström from Swedish Temptations AB, Anneli Idman from Gaston & Vega, and Håkan Johnsson and Oskar Zedig from Kalmar-Ölands Trädgårdsprodukter, gave interesting talks about their innovation ideas and business development. As we wanted to give a picture of the premises of the participating SMEs and institutes, we visited the different participating presenters prior to the webinar to interview and film them. The Danish video producing company WeLoveVideo was then engaged to produce a short introduction video for each presenter.

The webinar had in total about 40-45 registered participants.

•  Research • Product development • SME story telling 


Agenda and links to video presentations:

9.00 Welcome and introduction   Whole webinarYOUTUBE
9.05 Healthy delightful pulses – sustainable food since and to be 

Cornelia Witthöft, professor, Dept of Chemistry and Biomedical Sciences, Linnaeus University

Research on food quality and the development of new healthy foods. Characterization of nutrients in raw material and food, and studies on how food processing affects nutrient content. Special interest the last 25 years is the vitamin folate. YouTube
9.25 Organic cultivation

Per Modig, Fagraslätt

On the farm different kinds of bean are grown, in-house packing and sale. Also cultivation of new crops like quinoa and lentils. YouTube
9.45 Future faba beans for food and feed – a project in SLU Grogrund Centre for Breeding of Food Crops

Åsa Grimberg, researcher, Dept of Plant Breeding, SLU

The project aims at developing a sustainable, Swedish production of protein rich faba bean for the food and feed market. Research and breeding to overcome some of the challenges connected to faba bean production. YouTube
10.05 Break    
10.20 The protein shift – from idea to product

Anna Henning Moberg, Project Developer Torsåker, Axfoundation 

Primary producers, researchers, food processers, chefs and entrepreneurs come together in projects at Torsåker farm to jointly find the solutions to complex problems. Torsåker is Axfoundation’s test farm and development center for the future’s sustainable food production.  YouTube
10.40 A culinary epiphany – from experimental home cooking to building a consumer brand

Pia Qvarnström, Founder, Swedish Temptations AB

Has developed Bärta, a sprouted and fermented Swedish split pea. Organic, vegan, gluten free. So far you can find Bärta in a few selected stores in Sweden.  YouTube
11.00 Break    
11.10 Pulses in vegan Streetfood from Skåne

Anneli Idman, Gaston & Vega

A small, one-man company, about to grow. Operates a vegan foodtruck in Skåne, and serve food based on Swedish pulses. YouTube
11.30 Kalmar-Ölands Trädgårdsprodukter

Håkan Johnsson and Oskar Zedig

Production of beans, peas, onions together with growers. Dried beans and peas, which are labelled, packed and then sold to wholesalers and food business. Started 1959 and is owned by the growers. Part of different projects to develop new products. YouTube
11.50 Concluding remarks    

More info: Helena Persson Hovmalm, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Plant Breeding E-mail: helena.persson@slu.se, Phone: +46 40-41 53 37