Outcomes from SBFOODINNO are summarized in a “Food Innovation Toolbox” setup for use in the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), studentwork, food clusters & other stakeholder in the South Baltic region. 

The toolbox setup includes
– Facilitation tools, cases of innovation activities and understandings, best practice, recipes
– Webinars and materials from workshops and seminars
– Reports and presentations

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The playbook presents examples of findings and learnings from deve­loped innovation activities between food SMEs and know­ledge institutions in an EU Interreg project for the South Baltic Region.
It demonstrates models and understandings of innovation in food SME development as well as how knowledge institutions can facilitate activities & event and play an important role as an add on to business deve­lopment accessible for food SMEs.

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The toolbox setup includes multiple SoMe communication platforms to ensure future durability:

In focus: The Food Innovation Canvas Model

Development tool for food SMEs
Watch the two videos for info and guidiance

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The toolbox setup includes multiple SoMe communication platforms to ensure future durability:

SME facilitation tools: 
The Food Innovation Toolbox Compendium for Food SMEs in the South Baltic Region

Tool#01 – The Foodsector Stakeholder Landscape – Here’s our SME
Tool#02 – The Knowledge Bridging Model – Here’s our options in the innovation funnel
Tool#03 – Our SME in a valuechain – Mapping our Suppliers, Competitiors, Customers
Tool#04 –  Our SME Journey in SBFOODINNO
Tool#05 – The Stakeholder Landscape Canvas
Tool#06 – The Food Innovation Canvas Model

Events log – presentations and videos from the wide range of cross-border innovation activities

News log – news coverage from the project’s innovation activities and networks

CaseBank with cases from multiple stakeholders in the program region

You Tube VideoChannel – Lectures, interviews, online masterclasses

Methods & Formats Info on how the project approach SME driven and -centric Innovation Activities


Rural Public Food Policies and Strategies (UK version)
Case studies from Denmark, Sweden and Lithuania
Fødevarestrategier i landdistrikter (DK version)
casestudier fra Danmark, Sverige og Litauen

Preliminary Study of Models and Literature on Knowledge
Transfer/Bridging and Innovation. By AAU Food Studies,

The danish network REG LAB has conducted a GUIDE TO KNOWLEDGE COLLABORATION. This stylized model is based on the need of SMEs to convert knowledge into specific value creation and is split into three phazes with 14 attention points.

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