The main output of SBFOODINNO is an innovation toolbox for the Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)!
The toolbox is being developed with design thinking approaches and contains
– Online toolbox with mappings & cases of best practice
– Workshops interacting with food SMEs
– Expert reports on food innovation.


All together the project is implementing several innovative activities of great importance for the projects’ main target group: Food SMEs! Such context tools are missing or poorly exploited in the existing business development system. The project thereby improves and extends the service to the SME food business.

The Toolbox is build up now with an interactive online version released in may 2019, containing innovation tools directly addressing food SMEs in the South Baltic Area.

Learn more:
The Food Innovation Toolbox Compendium for Food SMEs in the SBR – beta versions

Tool#01 – The Foodsector Stakeholder Landscape – Here’s our SME
Tool#02 – The Knowledge Bridging Model – Here’s our options in the innovation funnel
Tool#03 – Our SME ValueChain & Stakeholders – Mapping our SME in the Stakeholder Landscape



Preliminary Study of Models and Literature on Knowledge
Transfer/Bridging and Innovation. By AAU Food Studies,  april 2018

The danish network REG LAB has conducted a GUIDE TO KNOWLEDGE COLLABORATION. This stylized model is based on the need of SMEs to convert knowledge into specific value creation and is split into three phazes with 14 attention points.

Learn Moreweblink to online document and pdf file for download