December 10. 2020 – Time: 12 to 15 pm CEST (DK).
Open online LIVE broadcast session


The EU Interreg SBR project “South Baltic Food Innovation” invites you to an intensive 3 hours online live session. Be inspired, engage yourself and get new insights & learnings from SME case stories & -tools and keynotes on plant proteins and municipality food strategies:

Program, incl 10 minutes breakes between each timeslot:
Facilitated by Håkan Jöhsson, Lund University
and Michael Christiansen (Project manager), University College Absalon lead partner

Cross Border SME case stories (timeslot appr. 12-13 pm)

  • Quinoa Quality – promoting agrobiodiversity with high quality crops adapted to climate changes and as attractive alternatives to meat.
    Presentation by Sven-Erik Jacobsen, director and owner
  • FoodUcer – a B2B online marketplace & platform with integrated matchmaking, for cross-border green food sellers & buyers, including public procurement.
    Presentation by Casper Kraken, CEO


Tools for food SMEs and the food sector  (timeslot appr. 13-13.45 pm)

  • A SME Tool: The Food Innovation Canvas Model – and SME cases.
    Presented by Jeanette Purhagen, Lund University and Josefine Deleuran, University of Copenhagen
  • Food System Model & -Thinking.
    Presented by Ivanche Dimitrievski, Lund University


Keynotes & panel debates (timeslot appr. 13.45-15.00 pm)

  • Faba Been trials
    by Johannes Ravn Jørgensen, Århus University (AU)
  • Protein content of lupin seeds & Effect of lupin weewils on yield
    by Christine Struck, Rostock University.
  • Cover Crops for Protein Production
    by Helena Persson Hovmalm, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)
  • Vegetable protein in recipes
    by Tomas Olofson, Zealand Institute of Business & Technology
  • Rural Public Food Policies and Strategies
    by Christian Coff, University College Absalon
  • This is South Baltic Food Innovation!
    Future outlook: Potentials for croos border cooperations
    Panel debate and wrap up with closing remarks by Michael Christiansen, Project manager