December 10. 2020 – Time: 12 to 15 pm CEST (DK).
Open online LIVE broadcast session!


Edited webvideo and slides with keynotes and SME cases are released in week 51.


The EU Interreg SBR project “South Baltic Food Innovation” invites you to an intensive 3 hours online live session. Be inspired, engage yourself and get new insights & learnings from SME case stories & -tools and keynotes on plant proteins and municipality food strategies:

Program, incl 10 minutes breakes between each timeslot:
Facilitated by Håkan Jöhsson, Lund University
and Michael Christiansen (Project manager), University College Absalon lead partner

Cross Border SME case stories (timeslot appr. 12-13 pm)

  • Quinoa Quality – promoting agrobiodiversity with high quality crops adapted to climate changes and as attractive alternatives to meat.
    Presentation by Sven-Erik Jacobsen, director and owner
  • FoodUcer – a B2B online marketplace & platform with integrated matchmaking, for cross-border green food sellers & buyers.
    Presentation by Casper Kraken, CEO


Tools for food SMEs and the food sector  (timeslot appr. 13-13.45 pm)

  • A SME Tool: The Food Innovation Canvas Model – and SME cases.
    Presented by Jeanette Purhagen, Lund University and Josefine Deleuran, University of Copenhagen
  • Food System Model & -Thinking.
    Presented by Ivanche Dimitrievski, Lund University


Keynotes & panel debates (timeslot appr. 13.45-15.00 pm)

  • Faba Been trials
    by Johannes Ravn Jørgensen, Århus University (AU)
  • Protein content of lupin seeds & Effect of lupin weewils on yield
    by Christine Struck, Rostock University.
  • Cover Crops for Protein Production
    by Helena Persson Hovmalm, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)
  • Vegetable protein in recipes
    by Tomas Olofson, Zealand Institute of Business & Technology
  • Rural Public Food Policies and Strategies
    by Christian Coff, University College Absalon
  • This is South Baltic Food Innovation!
    Future outlook: Potentials for croos border cooperations
    Panel debate and wrap up with closing remarks by Michael Christiansen, Project manager