Hospitals in Region Zealand in Denmark are developing the food for the patients. The goal is to improve the patients’ nutritional status and health while hospitalized. A new free choice menu concept is being developed by Corporate Service (CS). CS is the public enterprise providing food for the patients. The purchase of food and goods are regulated by public procurement.

Public procurements are sometimes criticized for having limited contact with private market actors and not based on up to date knowledge. Hence, there is a big potential of improving dialogue with private food suppliers, knowledge organizations and advisors, who has practical every day experience and research based knowledge about the end users and the supply chain.

In Denmark, food in public hospitals is in general produced in public hospital kitchens. Region Zealand is for the first time in Denmark inviting private suppliers of convenience meals and meal items for the food production in the hospital kitchens.

Conference June 12 – dialogue meeting with the food suppliers – SME’s and giants

On June 12 2018 CS together with ABSALON hosted a conference for private food suppliers. At the conference the food companies got information about the new free choice menu. Researchers and experts presented research on the needs of hospital patient food, dysphagia – patients with difficulty in swallowing food as well as future trends for sustainable food packaging.

Watch videos from the conference: (In Danish, some with UK Subtitles)

So far the hospital food market has been restricted to food service grocery sale, as the hospital kitchens have produced all the meals for the patients themselves. However, the new free choice menu concept and interest in private partnerships opens up for a potential marked for both smaller and bigger companies. The kick off meeting gathered both local small food companies and giants in the food industry.

It is our hope that the conference will stimulate the curiosity of further corporation and development of new public-private innovations and excellent public procurement!

Watch all slides and individual videos from the day’s presentations (In DK, some with UK Subtitles):


For further information about the theme and conference, contact Malis Ravn, Absalon: tel. 72 48 18 15