How can municipalities strengthen local food business and entrepreneurship?
How can local citizens, businesses and the municipality co-create about food strategic activities and local network?
How can food strategic focus be a part of the UN Global Gorals for Sustainable Development?
How can public organisations purchase more food from local producers?

Welcome to Conference:
Thursday, november 22. 2018 9.30 am -3.00 pm
Place: University College Absalon, Ankerhus Campus Soroe,
Slagelsevej 70-74, 4180 Soroe, Denmark

This conference presents some of the most experiences Danish municipalities within local food policy and food strategic actions as well as international inspiration with the field of food policy. The municipality can have an important role by strengthening small and medium-size enterprises’ (SMEs) conditions for corporation locally and opening up opportunities for public institutions as a new market.

Welcome to an inspiring conference with new insights and knowledge sharing.

The conference is primary for civil servant in municipalities and others with interest in food SMEs, public food strategies and local food development.

The language at the conference is Danish.


For more information and sign-up: University Colleges Absalon Website section

or contact Malis Ravn, Absalon.,  Phone. + 45 7248 1815


In the SBFOODINNO Project, the confererence is a part of the theme “Public sector driving food development”. Learn more.