FOOD INNOVATION IN SME’S AND KNOWLEDGE BRIDGING, Plant Protein Seminar “Can we use more plant-based proteins?” 26th February 2019

With the community’s increased focus on environment and pollution from livestock production, one of the key focus areas in this project, is to reduce the use of animal proteins, in favor of vegetable protein. Therefore, on February 26, an event was held for around 50 food students from Zealand and Absalon and 6 Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) working with vegetable protein.

SME from the food sector in Denmark presented their Companies / businesses strategy to the students, and the students told what they were working on and how their knowledge could be interesting for the Company.

Inspiration went both ways, and the feedback was very positive. The coming months, the students work with new recipes containing no meet, but lot of plant protein.  At an event May 21th, the students will present meals inspired by those companies and the knowledge they get from the work with different plant proteins. We are already informed that, for example, a group of students, will work on making Swedish sausage containing plant sausages.


PROGRAM (in Danish):

12.00                  Frokost

12.30                  Introduktion v. Tomas Olofsson, lærer ved Zealand – Sjællands Erhvervsakademi

12.40                  Christian Hovmann, Københavns Madservice, Se præsentation

12.50                  Lone Nørgaard Høgsbro, University College Absalons Kantine, Roskilde, Se præsentation 

13.00                  Ebbe Skovfoged, Plantepølsen, Se præsentation

13.10                  Lars Eghøj, Nordic Quinoa, præsentation

13.20                  Mads Bjerregaard Larsen og René Schrøder, KMC,

13.30                  Christian Munch-Jakobsen, Foodture, Se præsentation

13.40                  Ernærings- og Fødevareteknologstuderende, Zealand. Se præsentation 1 and 2

13.50                  Ernæring- og sundhedsstuderende, University College Absalon.

14.00                  Kaffe og messeopstilling (hvert deltagerteam får et bord)

14.10                  Besøg og diskussioner ved bordene

14.45                  Opsamling og afrunding v. Tomas Olofsson


For further information about the event, contact Tomas Olofsson, Zealand: Phone: 25 13 33 61