The partnership represents food clusters, networks, hubs etc. working on a national and regional level with a large number of varied food SMEs, private as well as public, in the following food networks and -clusters at national and regional level: Medicon Village, Science Village Labs, Ideon Scandinavia, Danseed and the Cerealnetwork, Future Food Innovation, Livsmedelsakademin, LU Innovation (a hub for the innovation and commercialization), Region Zealand’s regional food cluster “Food in process”.

All together the partnership is strongly connected to food SMEs and their development needs in the SBR through engagement in food clusters, networks and a number of cooperations with food SMEs working in different parts of the value chain in the green sector economy. The partners have a broad experience including a variety of innovation tools for creating hands on solutions for food SMEs, and additionally represents a strong network of facilities e.g. labs (kitchens, sensory labs etc.), greenhouses, test facilities etc.

Project Partners (PP) with ID:

  1. University College Absalon (ABSALON) Lead Partner (LP) DK
  2. Lund University (LU) ProjectPartner 2 (PP2) SE
  3. Rostock University (RU) ProjectPartner 3 (PP3) DE
  4. Aarhus University, Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Agroecology (AU-AGRO) ProjectPartner 4 (PP4) DK
  5. Zealand – Institute of Business and Technology. ProjectPartner 5 (PP5) DK
  6. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) ProjectPartner 6 (PP6) SE
  7. University of Copenhagen, Department of Food and Resource Economics – IFRO. (UCPH) ProjectPartner 7 (PP7) DK


Associated Partners (AP) with ID

  1. FoodNexus Nordic / University of Copenhagen AP01
  2. Future Food Innovation – Agro Business Park AP02
  3. Skåne Food Innovation Network AP03
  4. Corporate Service, Region Zealand AP04
  5. Nordic seed AP05
  6. DanSeed AP06
  7. State Research Centre of Agriculture and Fishery in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania AP07
  8. Prolupin GmbH AP08
  9. Association of Polish Communes of Euroregion Baltic AP09
  10. Natureef Association AP10
  11. Assotiation “Milk Road” AP11
  12. Kaunas University of Technology AP12